Erotic Female Nude Art Sculptures and Bodycasts, by Leigh Heppell (UK). The Ultimate site for serious Collectors of Erotica Plan

Leigh Heppell's Erotic Sculptures of Women have the fluency of water, with the hardness of Bronze. Well worth a visit!

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Satisfied Clients

Genuine Comments from Satisfied Collectors of Leigh Heppell's Erotica

Each Sculpture has been lovingly created by Leigh Heppell. Each one is an individual Limited Edition. Complete with signed certificate

These pieces are regulary purchased as an investment for the future. to find out why .......

Hi, I want you to know that I have received the very  beautiful piece of art called  "Viagra"  and placed this solid work on my desk; I have a special room in my apartment for ancient and modern art, but this lovely sculpture gives my such  wonderful thrills that I had to give it a special placing - the sculpture is a salute to the pleasure of life!  As we say in Norway: Tusen takk for den fantastiske skulpturen, herr Heppell! Best wishes, Bjorn.

Just wanted to let you know that the two sculptures you shipped arrived yesterday. They were wrapped perfectly to protect them over their long journey.

I in turn wrapped them in Christmas paper and will be giving them to the two special men in my life. One I shipped to Florida and the other will be presented to my husband on Christmas!

Your artwork is truly beautiful. If you have a catalog, please send it, as I'm sure we'll be buying more of your work for our friends.

Thanks again for all your help.
marcy lambeau-stevens
Just wanted to say a big thankyou for processing my order so quickly. I appreciate how busy you must be, especially at this time of year, so for Alexa to arrive on my fiance,s birthday really made his day. She really is beautiful, he loved it as do I. Many thanks. Davina Johnson
Hi Leigh, received the beautiful statuettes today, most impressed, well worth the wait and brilliantly packaged to. I can almost guarantee that as soon as my friends see them, they will fall in love, so don't be surprised if you hear from them. I wish you all the luck for the future and hope your art, as I am sure it will, brings you great success. I hope your order books are full. Kind regards, Ken.
I have received the "Zuleka" sculpture I ordered, and I feel I must drop a line just to say how impressed I have been with the service I recieved from your company. First, the sculpture is beautiful, and I think it captures in a very classy way the many levels of human emotion that are expressed through bondage and the domination/submission lifestyle. It will be a wonderful Christmas gift!

Your shipping was extremely prompt; your service was faultless. I would certainly recommend you to friends. I'm glad I stumbled across your website!
Thanks again, D Zimmerman
Wow, Karyn 2 arrived yesterday. We must say she is beyond our expectations. You nearly brought tears to my eyes, you always make me look so gorgeous. Needless to say Martin is more than happy.

We have both sculptures in our front room, we never tire of looking at them. They both give us such moments of pleasure to see the sensuality you are able to create in your art. Thank you so much.......xK
I received the shipment of the Lovers and Seduction on Friday. I was impressed with the speed at which the shipment came. I noticed you overnighted it. That must have cost you a bundle.
I also appreciated Jan calling me to let me know the sculptures had gone out.

I feel bad that I was pushing you on the shipment date. I would have been satisfied with normal Fedex shipping but I do appreciate the gesture and will remember it by giving you repeat business. And next time, I won't worry when the shipment is going to come.

The sculptures all arrived in perfect condition. All 3 of them are outstanding and very beautiful. I love them! I especially like the way you craft ladies hair. The waterfall effect is beautiful! Of course I love the rest of their bodies as well. I need to find an extra special place to display the sculptures. I will place another order in a few months. Until then, thanks again for the sculptures. Well done!!
I love your work and sitting looking at the pieces drinking my champagne is absolutely wonderful. I also find that the comments from visitors to my home are complimentary and most people find the pieces exciting and thought provoking. Thanks once again for bringing this luxury to my home. Tricia sßß
Hi Leigh this is Karyn. You've made me so beautiful, someone almost considered giving up everything to sweep floors in an artist's studio just to see the likes of me (among your others), very flattering. I am just really enjoying the process of it all......Karyn (Karyn Commission )
Fed Ex arrived this afternoon with Summer Heat...... she looks great. Thanks.. you guys are doing a great job......not only the sculpture but the ease in which the whole transaction took card and painless shipping. Jim on the East Coast USA
Just a note to confirm thatt Climax arrived OK. Thank you for your professional manner! I feel quite comfortable now in ordering other pieces from you and will do so soon. I shall also let my associates know of your integrity. Respectfully, David, Arizona, USA
I want thanks you for sending me your sculptures Viagra and Summer Heat. I am completly satisfied for have received more than I had expected. Congratulations for your aristic work!!!.
Pedro Colmenares
Hello leigh! i've been meaning to write to you. yes, the sculpture did arrive and it is totally great!
Charlotte Rose
I saw leighs work at erotica London and am now saving to buy. As a sub, i find his work truly beautiful. Some of the poor statues I could cry for and I recognise that blissful sleep in the repose. Leigh has managed to catch some very emotive moments in his sculptures. Well done Liz Clark UK
Hi Leigh,can no longer resist.Please place an order for Vendella and bill to my existing charge card account which you have records on. Cannot tell you how pleased I am with the low casting numbers on Climax and Nirvana. Please advise by e-mail when statue is leaving the U.K. for arrival to the U.S
i Leigh, Your pieces are sooooooo great. I love the Nirvana and Climax II. I can't wait to get the others. Have anymore interesting pieces in the works?? Thank you so much for all of your help and if you get any new ideas...
Kim (Texas USA)
Dear Leigh, Thank you for the new information about xsara. I have received your color catalog. It is very nice! I would like to order the "Lovers" featuring Viagra and Climax.
Dear Mr Heppell, Just a short note to let you know that I received the "Vendella" sculpture today. I am very pleased with it and hope that I will be able to purchase further items in the future.

I love the sensuality you bring out in a woman. Makes me feel proud to be a woman KY New York US
Hello! Just wanted to let you know I received my Vendella Sculpture today and I really love it. Thank you for your courteous service. You do a really great job packing it for shipment. Please keep me updated on your new creations. I know I will be ordering again! Thanks. Kind Regards, David Beetsch
Yes, I recieved "Rapture" in excellent condition, and am very happy with her. So impressed that I would like to order two other sculptures, "Sisters", and "Climax". The only problem is that I do not remember HOW I ordered the last piece..... (C/C, check, or.......) Please let me know totals and funds will be forthcoming.
Fred Testor - USA

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